Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Day

Just back from Genting at 2330..
Have great day there.. Wakaka XD
But the weather there had change.. Damn HOT!!!
Not cold but lots of mist there~ Haiz..

Play bowling after having our dinner at first day..
Woah~ I'm the higher score nia.. I get 95 score ^^
Haur Haur biaoge come after we played..
He more pro.. 150++ score lerh ><

Outside First World Hotel's lift

Decorate of X'Mas
The next day.. Eat buffet as our breakfast..
All western-style foods there.. Damn yummy~
Outdoor have a lots of mist.. Cannot played outdoor edi lurr~
Nevermind.. We played indoor.. Although all just for kids..
But we still can played roller coaster and bumper car..
Line up and line up again..
8 times roller coaster and 10 times bumper car..
SHIT~ We already get concussion larh ><"
And watched a boring 3D movie..
Damn sienz~ Feel asleep please~
Outside Hotel Highlands have a Ferrari display..
At least 10 newest Ferrari there.. Nice :)

After that.. Eat MC before go to the concert..
Spicy Mc Chicken.. Yummy but expensive.. Lolx XD
Special for me ^^

We are enjoying our MC~

We enter "Arena Of Stars"..
Saw my partner there.. Haha~ Fatty uncle and YiiMee gor gor..
They sell New Year's songs outside the hall..
But i would like to help them. I really miss my job :(
Finally.. CNY's concert started..
Ribbon-cutting ceremory

Drama of 公主嫁到~

Aiks~ All of us feel asleep lar @@
My cousin sister still sleep on my shoulder till the concert finished..
Aiyo!! Really paiseh nia ><
Zhang ShaoLin's MAGIC

Both singer signing on the CD

7pm.. Concert finished.. All of us finally wake up.. Haha~
Have a celebration dinner before back KL..
Same place again.. Buffet again...
I eat 5 scopes ice-cream.. And also 2 cups of pudin.. Hehe ^^

Hong biaoge fetch us back to his home..
2 days 1 night Genting Trip END!!!

Say BYE to my room..
Say BYE to my cousin..
Say BYE to Bukit Jalil..

Say HI to school :)


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