Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friendly match with AMK

Friendly match with Ang Mo Kio Secondary School two days ago..
They arrived at our school in the early morning.
SUCK!!!! No lights.. No shuttles.
Eventually, AhYang back to his school for borrowing the shuttles..

Aiyo~ Sea Lion.. Aeroplane shuttles.. Argghhh!!!!!!!
AMK used LiNing lerh.. No face jor larh~

Before started the game..
We exchanged souvenirs with them..
LOL!!! Again.. Plastic pennant changed to silver trophy..

Sei buffalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are guests lerh.. How can we do that???!!!!!
Pity AhYang and AMK's teacher

ChuAn's singleJianSheng's single MingZheng's single ZhenNing's single MeiYi & TsueyNing's double JianSheng & XiaoQuan's double
(Taugae's supporter sitting there wor~)

Conclusion.. Boy's team won more i think..
Girl's team.. Single only ChuAn won.. Others lose.. BUT~
Double won ALL.. Wakaka XD
Report this "good" news to coach..
She said:" Wah~ Single all lose ar.. You all just train double lo!!"
Yea.. I hope so.. Single just let YiShan and TsueyNing play la..

The game ended in five hours..
All of us were damn tired..
This game gave us a lot of experiences..
Espeacially our double's pair.. Really improve so much..
Hope this result can be brought into next year's competition..

ChongHwa Badminton Team~ FIGHT!!!! :D

CHKL & AMK's group photo


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