Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My future husband - Essay

William Shakespeare once said "The true course of love never did runsmooth." So, I still believe the true love in this world. I hope I can meet my Mr.Right in everywhere and marry to my Prince Charming.

I hope my future husband is a gentle and thoughtful man. When I'm in blue, he will console me in a soothing tone. Sharing umpteen of things with him and he will be a good listener beacause the first duty of love is to listen. I hope he is a man that always kind to me and often give me the spirit to achieve with his encouraging.

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", the adage was accredited by William Johanthon in 1946. I hope my future husband is a handsome man with a pairs of brown eyes. I also hope he has the same interest with me. Thats' can make us mutual understanding.

Moreover, I hope my future husband is a gentlement and responsible man. That is the most important thing for me when choosing my husband. Besides, I need umpteen sense of security. On top of that, a loyal husband will be my first choice.

I am a girl who will fall in love at the first sight. Jeff Zinnert once said "Never regrets, follow your heart." I will feeling good while have a blind date with him.

Yet, I need a man that love me so much. I am groping amidst the darkness looking for a glimmer of hope.


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