Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friend V.S. Best Friend

"The one who can share things together is friend or best friend?"
Saw a post in Facebook last night..

Yea.. What's the different between friend and best friend??
This question is very simple..
But no one can get out a definitive answer..

In the real society..
People more and more hypocrisy..
Almost everyone with a veil..
It's not true of their own doing..
The word becomes increasingly in the abstract..
The meaning of friends in the eyes of..
Different people with different concepts...

I think a best friend is such a group of people:
That you do not easily forget..
Is to give you a help who noneed to say thank you..
Is not disturbed after the person is guilty..
Is a bottom right you do look up to people..

For me.. Friend and best friend in fact no difference..
Their only difference lies in..
Best friend can share many things with you even if the secret..
Best friend will not worry about your feeling..
But when you need help, he/she will be the first..
Best friend tells you what is right or wrong..
Best friend willing to help you no matter what happen..
Even if you make him/her angry.. He/She will just show it..

Friend wears mask on their face..
Who knows when he/she is real or not..
If a friend to wear a mask of a layer of foul hypocrisy..
I also wish I had no friend..
Never have a true friend is expressed in good faith with action..
And not to express the sincerity of your mouth..

Friends not everyday contact..
Nor is there anything to be reported to you..
Friends regardless of the length of acquaintance..
No matter how many times to meet..
As long as to be honest..
That is FRIEND..

Some people when used with friends compliment as far as..
And so achieve the purpose, to scoff..
Even laugh at the other friends in front of satire..
In fact, This is not a friends..
This is only difficult when you have the tools to use..

Friends can be found in everywhere..
But best friends are only beside you..
Friends easily to find..
But best friends hard to meet..

For each..
Of the definition of friends and best friends are not the same..
It depends on your own..
Thus, just follow your feeling..
Anyone also can be your listener  ^^

Remember, friends just only temporary..
BUT best friends are forever!!!!!!! :)



  1. 很庆幸
    不常说话 却可以互相交换秘密的你