Thursday, September 23, 2010

Training on 23092010

Training day again..
Today din do any physical.. Yeah~
Coach let us play match play..
Partner with PekKuan verses WenRei & ChuAn..
Two straight game.. 21-8, 21-16..
We win.. Feeling good today ^^
After that, I play single with ChuAn..
Yesh~ Win again.. But I'm tired..
She is good but I'm good today also.. Haha~

Got a little girl training with us today.. Standard 6 only..
Hmmmm.. She got skill...But...I dunno how to say nie..
WenRei play single with her.. 21-16.. Huh~
16 marks ler.. Not bad wor..
I also play with her.. So scare.. But..
Lastly.. I won!!!! 21-8.. Huh~
Fortunately I din lose to her ><

The last half and hour.. Sprinting ler.. OMG.. I dowan!!!!
10 times.. Wow~ Long time din sprinting ady..
Feel my legs wanna patah liao T.T

Wakaka XD
Have a good training day..
Coach in a good mood today :)

Playing single with ChuAn..
My serve.. The shuttlecock accidentally hit a girl..
HE is beside the girl.. I saw him protecting her..
I know who is the girl.. Yea.. I know..
I'm glad to see you happy with her.. Really..
So.. You must happy always ya ^^

I saw him during training today ♥


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